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Jacob John Poaps and his wife Eliza Jane Stuart

One of the oldest landmarks of this place passed away on the 14th inst. in the person of J.J. Poaps, the founder of the village of Osnabruck Centre. His health had not been good for the past year and he was suddenly stricken for the second time with paralysis on Friday, February 14th, which caused his death.

He leaves seven sons and one daughter. Deceased was in his 73 rd year. All were present, except for son Dr. A. P. Poaps of California and his daughter Mrs. Normon Brownell of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The funeral service was held in the St. Peter's Church on Monday, 17th. Rev. R.W. Samwell officiated and preached an eloquent sermon form Romans VI-23rd chapter.. The funeral was largely attended. The Coucil being in session at the time adjourned and attended in body.

The late J.J. Poaps, was of United Empire Loyalist stock, his father having imigrated to Canada by way of the Oswegatchie River, down the St. Lawrence and back by Hoople Creek in flat boats accompanied by several other United Empire Loyalists, at the breaking out of the Revolutionary War in 1775. They setlled in the 4th Concession, Osnabruck, about 2 miles east of the present village of Lunenburg, where Mr. Poaps resided up to his death at the ripe old age of 73. The late J.J. Poaps was the youngest of a family of ten children. He setlled here 46 years ago, starting a small grocery at the corner where the hotel now stands. He built the first house in the village; a good part of the site of the present village at that time was woods. He was a staunch Conservative, and occupied a seat at the Council Board and was Reeve on the Township. Twenty-seven years ago he erected a fairhouse on his farm and in it was held the first township fair. Deseased kept a general store for many years and later he built a stave and shingle mill where the present sawmill now stands.

The family have the heartfelt sympathy of the community.


Moved by Geo. Kerr, seconded by I. C. Shaver, Gordon Baker, Jr. and Alex Eamer; That the Municipal Council of the Township of Osnabruck assembled in session today avail themselves of this opportunity to record a resolution of respect and condolence to the memory of the deceased Jacob John Poaps for years a member of this Board and whose intelligence and business ability in his day caused foundation of the thriving village of Osnabruck Center; wish to convey to his respected and bereaved family through the column of the Cornwall Standard newspaper, and token of public and individual respect.

Carried in Silence

Dated 17th February, 1896
James Martin - Reeve
James Burton - Clerk

The SurnameWeb

Origin of Papst Name

Welcome to my website a place where you will find genealogy information on the Papst surname. The origin is German.

Components of the Papst Family Name Coat of Arms
The Shield is: A gold and black shield with a black and gold lion
The Crest is: Three feathers
The motto is: None

The surname was recorded in Saxony, where the name became noted for its many branches within the region, each house acquiring a status and influence which was envied and enrolled by the princes of the region.

Spelling variations include: Pabst, Papst, Babst, Pabste, Pabbste, Paabste, and others.
First found in Saxony and Prussia.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Johan Adam Pabst was born in Westphalia Bonn, Germany Bonn
city (1986 est. pop. 291,000), de facto capital of Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, W Germany, on the Rhine R. Founded (1st cent. A.D.) by the Romans, it was later (1238-1794) the residence of the electors of Cologne. From 1949 to 1990, it was the capital of West Germany. When Johan Adam Pabst left Germany in 1752 he was aboard the "Two Brothers" Vessel and embarked at the bay of Philidelphia on Sept 28/1753.

Passenger list of Two Brothers

Source: Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants in
Pennsylvania: A Collection of upwards of 30 thousand
names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other
Immigrants in PA. from 1727-1776, by Prof. I. Daniel
Rupp, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.
1980-Reprinted frim the second edition (Philadelphia,

Sept. 28, 1753. Ship Two Brothers, Thomas Arnot,
Captain, from Rotterdam, last from Portsmouth.

Johannes Spath, Mattheis Dischong, Wilhelm dischong,
Frantz Klein, Conrad Lutzing, Leonhart Lutzing,
Johannes Wagner, Martin Jung, Johannes Muller, Debalt
Bosseng, Peter Stauber, Johannes Lein?, Johannes
Wirtz, Joh. Philip Fus, William Tillboner, Johannes
Grau, J. Georg Volck, J. Joachim Seebert, J. Adam
Kohlman, Hieronimus Bruner, Michael Hotman, Jacob
Hering, John Friederich Schuy, Rudolph Zimmerman, Joh.
Jacob Helpfish, Johan Henrich Lutsch, Johann Theis
Schutz, Joh. Henrich Heesman, Johan Frantz Koch, Johan
Philip Heyman, Johan Peter Jung, Johan Matheis
Schneider, Christian Tressenstutt, Johan Philip
Gesseler, Johan Wilhelm Muller, Johan Philip Dill,
Johan Adolph Gesseler, Johann Peter Hahn, Johan Adam
Wirth, Johann Adam Meyer, Joh. Gerhard Muller, Johan
Jung Richler, Johannes Elias Arnoldt, Johan Adam
Pfetzer, Johannes Schneider, J. George Winter,
Johannes Neydig, J. Adam Lang, Heinrich Schmaus,
conrad Shmaus, Johannes schmaus, Matthias Nied, J.
Adam Shwartz, J. Wilhelm Shutz, Johannes Feck, J.
Henry Jackel, J. Georg Jackel, Israel Wetzfeld,
Johannes Jung, Joseph Beck, conrath Pfillibs, Johannes
Schey, Jacob Hann, Johannes Seiser, Johannes Pauly,
Friederick Kroh, Joh. Valentin Wieber, Jacob Kohl,
Johan Kohl, Friederich Hamman, Johan Leonhart Muller,
Johan Adam Pabst, J. George Bechtol, Johan Peter Koch,
Joh. Nicklaus Lehnes, Johan Stephan dieter, J. Jacob
Eisenhauer, Joh. Wilhelm Hardtstang, Johan Adam
Schmit, Johann Baltaser Gotz, Johann Adam Gotz, J.
Ludwig Shook, Johannes Peter Halt, Johannes Wirthsman,
Johann Philip Schneider, Johan Georg Bechtoldt, Johan
Wilhelm Schaffer, Joh. Paulus Shaffer, Franciscus
Schmidt, Johan Philip Klein, Johan Christian Zuprian,
Joh. Henrich Heymann, Joh. Henrich Sagnisch, Elias
Conrad Stegman, Johan Georg Seiffert.

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